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What computer games do to our minds

It is obvious that people who play violent computer games do not, as a rule, go out and shoot people. This is not to say that such games may not be the final trigger that sends some people over the edge, but for most people they seem to remain in the realm of a game, separate from their daily lives. But I wonder if these games are still affecting their minds. That is, while they do not make the player consider going on a shooting spree, they do make the existence of war, terrorism and other forms of violence more feasible, by immersing the player in such a world. So when the player encounters real world stories of war, they seem like an obvious way to go about life. After all, the real world stories are still media feeds for most people most of the time. The ramification of this is that the very existence of terrorism and war is less likely to be challenged. Sure, we discuss whether a particular invasion is justified or not, but not whether violence itself even needs to be part of the global human community. Violence, as part of the public realm just seems “right” to minds used to playing (gaming) with these concepts.

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